The plan involves turmeric, lemons, and anonymous letters; a murderer’s sister and a victim’s brother; midnight phone calls, and a stagnant small town.


I’m in the process of revising my novel, Juice of Half a Lemon. My goal is to start querying in May 2018.

A little introduction:

Adele Zimmerman hasn’t seen her brother since the night he told her he’d shot someone in the head. Six years after the incident, Adele discovers the existence of the victim’s identical twin, Edward Edwards.

A second chance. A shot at redemption. She sets out to find him with a plan to anonymously improve his life. But when Edward starts finding strange gifts both outside and inside his apartment, he begins to suspect the impossible. His brother, John, back. Could it be? No.

Maybe it could.

Juice of Half a Lemon is a contemporary novel about identity after loss, things that can’t be fixed, and two people whose loneliness is intricately intertwined.


Please feel free to get in touch with me either through the comments below, or via email (tamara.j.drazic@gmail.com). I am always looking for writers to connect with!